The GOP Health Care Plan

State by State Benefits

Today, the White House released state by state reports that highlight the benefits of the Affordable Care Act for consumers and the cost of the GOP’s plan of repealing the law in human and economic terms. People in all 50 states are experiencing the benefits of a healthcare system that expands access to affordable health care through exchanges and Medicaid expansion, provides rebates to families so their hard-earned dollars are used for care rather than lining insurance company pockets, stops the practice of charging women more because of their gender or denying coverage based on preexisting conditions, and ensures Americans can get important preventive care without a copay. The GOP plan would take these benefits away and revert us back to the old broken health care system.

Click to see the DNC’s newest graphic of the specific benefits individuals are seeing in the states:

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View the White House's national report here.

View the White House's state-by-state reports here.

State by State Benefits (Graphic)

3.7 million

The Cost of Repeal: Medicaid Expansion (Video)

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