The GOP Health Care Plan

Thanks to Obamacare…

As of today, Obamacare has provided 105 million Americans with at least one preventive care service at no out of pocket cost. That is 105 million fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons who have received things like life-saving cancer and diabetes screenings, wellness exams and immunizations, helping to save lives and save families money in the long run.

And the Republicans’ healthcare plan?

Repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans in Congress are so determined to see the Affordable Care Act fail that they are willing to go back to the broken health care system that allowed insurance companies to deny coverage based on preexisting conditions and take away preventive care. The American people have a clear choice between Democrats who are committed to making the law work and Republicans whose plan is to bring back the failed health care system that put insurers in the driver’s seat. 


State by State Benefits (Graphic)

3.7 million

The Cost of Repeal: Medicaid Expansion (Video)

The GOP’s Health Care Plan: Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Thanks to Obamacare…

This Is Obamacare vs. The GOP Health Care Plan