Democratic Women’s Alliance

Why the DNC?

The DNC is uniquely positioned to operate the Democratic Women’s Alliance through the national Party’s established state and local infrastructure and networks. The DWA brings in additional allies in the progressive community and collaborates with existing organizations that are already doing fantastic work to advance women in politics.

The DNC, through the Association of State Democratic Chairs and the State Party Partnership, has already invested in strategic, institutional resources to build a network among all 50 states to engage their grassroots supporters and state leaders to make sure women nationwide are actively engaged.

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Recent Action
President Obama Appoints Four More Women to Federal Judgeships
May 17, 2013
President Obama nominated four women to federal judgeships, further illustrating his dedication to creating a federal judiciary that better reflects our nation.
Violence Against Women Act Reauthorized
March 7, 2013
President Obama signed the reauthorization of VAWA — a groundbreaking piece of the legislation that combats sexual assault by holding offenders responsible while aiding victims.
President commits to battling HIV/AIDS
December 7, 2011
On World AIDS Day President Obama directed $50 million in increased funding for the treatment and care of HIV/AIDS, a disease that disproportionally affects women both internationally and domestically.