Energy Independence

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President Obama knows we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices or a quick-fix solution to our energy needs. That’s why he and Democrats are focused on developing all of America’s natural resources—domestic oil, gas, wind, solar and biofuels—and encouraging fuel efficiency so that we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil over time.

Already, this President has led the way to:

  • Domestic oil production at an eight-year high, and our dependence on foreign oil at a 16-year low. In 2011, we cut net oil and petroleum imports by 1 million barrels a day.
  • Expanded domestic oil production by speeding up the leasing process and improving safety measures to prevent future spills.
  • Nearly doubling renewable wind, solar and geothermal energy since 2008.
  • Agreeing with automakers to nearly double fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. That will help to save families more than $8,000 per vehicle at the pump and decrease our oil consumption by an estimated 2.2 million barrels a day.
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