5 Ways The Affordable Care Act Benefits Families

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The Affordable Care Act makes enormous strides toward providing families with greater control over their health care coverage. This law expands access, lowers costs, and protects consumers so that families have the peace of mind to know that the health of their loved ones is not subject to the whims of insurance companies. is a great resource to learn more about the Affordable Care Act and the benefits it provides for you and your family. Here are 5 ways health reform benefits families.

1. Starting as early as September 23, 2010, insurance companies are prohibited from imposing lifetime dollar limits on essential coverage.

2. Starting as early as 2010, job-based health plans and new individual plans aren't allowed to deny or exclude coverage for your children (under age 19) based on a pre-existing condition including a disability. Starting in 2014, these same plans aren't allowed to deny or exclude anyone or charge more for a pre-existing condition including a disability.

3. Starting as early as September 2010, if you have children under age 26, you can generally insure them if your policy allows for dependent coverage. The only exception is if you have an existing job-based plan, and your children can get their own job-based coverage. In some plans, you can add your young adult children even earlier than September 2010.

4. Starting in 2014, if your income is less than the equivalent of about $88,000 for a family of four today, and your job doesn’t offer affordable coverage, you may get tax credits to help pay for insurance.

5. Starting in 2014, pregnancy and newborn care, along with vision and dental coverage for children, will be covered in all exchange plans and new plans sold to individuals and small businesses. An Exchange is a new marketplace where individuals and small businesses can buy affordable health benefit plans. Exchanges will offer you a choice of plans that meet certain benefits and cost standards. Starting in 2014, Members of Congress will be getting their health care insurance through Exchanges, and you will be able buy your insurance through Exchanges, too.

Also, check out this video explaining the greater options afforded to families and children due to the Affordable Care Act.