A Big Win on Guns

After a major victory yesterday in the fight to reduce gun violence, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley asked our supporters to step up.

Friend --

Throughout my career as a prosecutor, city councilman, mayor of Baltimore, and now governor of Maryland, I've had to attend too many funerals for men, women, and children who have lost their lives to gun violence.

I've spent my career working with law enforcement to drive down violent crime, and I am happy to say that today, we are taking another step forward toward curbing gun violence.

Yesterday, our state legislature passed a comprehensive public safety package that will make sure fewer mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters will lose a loved one to gun violence in Maryland.

Even though the proposal is supported by a large majority of Marylanders, we had to work harder than ever before to pass it into law. The interest groups who oppose actions to reduce gun violence are powerful, entrenched, and well-financed, and they fought us every step of the way in Maryland -- just as they're fighting tooth and nail to block any action at the federal level.

We were able to prevail because there were enough Democratic lawmakers willing to stand up to the special interest groups -- and they were able to do that because they knew that committed supporters like you had their back.

Today, I'm asking you to show Democrats across the country that you have their back in the fight to reduce gun violence.

I can tell you firsthand that having what it takes to win can make all the difference. Chip in $5 or more today:

We must act -- to make our communities safer, and to honor the memory of the loved ones we've lost.



Martin O'Malley


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