A woman’s perspective

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I'm a Democrat because I've always felt that lifting others up lifts me up too. My progressive values regarding social justice, women's health, and the greatness of this country are best represented by the Democratic Party. The United States welcomed my first-generation immigrant family, and I show my gratitude by continuing to support the very American values of civil liberties, lifting up the oppressed, and working to make this country a better place to live for everyone.

As a Vietnamese American woman, I am pleased that President Obama's Affordable Care Act expands health care coverage to more Americans, when fully 36 percent of all Asian Pacific American women are uninsured. APA women—and Vietnamese women in particular—face the highest rates of cervical cancer of any ethnic group. When more Americans have access to health care, the whole nation becomes healthier. I know that helping those less fortunate doesn't take anything away from me, but lifts everyone up. Democrats and President Obama understand this.