A year's worth of ridiculous GOP moments

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Step right up and behold the top 10 most ridiculous GOP moments of 2011.

Some may be fresh in your memory, like Mitt's now infamous $10k bet at a debate, while others, like when Ron Paul claimed that the government wrongly infringes on liberty by making heroin illegal, may have slipped your mind.

While these moments are definitely funny, the truth is, they reveal a little something about the GOP candidates for president.

Some of them need to brush up on foreign policy and the federal government. Some think that under-privileged kids should work as janitors to one day make it to the middle class. And others truly believe, in their heart of hearts, that corporations really are people.

So as we turn the calendar from 2011 to 2012 and these candidates head to Iowa for the first contest of an extremely important election cycle, do your part by to passing along these videos to your friends and family.

Let's make sure we keep these guys on the blooper reel—and out of the White House.