America’s Working Families Can Depend on President Obama

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As we celebrate Black History Month, we are celebrating the contributions, sacrifices and triumphs of people who dared to dream and renewing our commitment to re-electing President Obama.  When he ran for President, Barack Obama vowed to return to the traditional American values of rewarding hard work, responsibility and fairness.  He took great steps to ensure that our country cares for our greatest generation, and looks out for the people who care for our greatest generation.

Founded by women of color, United Long Term Care Workers (ULTCW) represents the home care providers and nursing home workers who have provided care to our nation’s most vulnerable citizens since 1999.  However, as ULTCW and other home care unions have meet the needs of an aging population, an out of date law has denied home care providers the same protections afforded to the rest of Americans.

Since 1974, home care workers have been exempted from coverage under the Fair Labor Standards Act and consequently home care workers have not been entitled to minimum wage or overtime pay.  But President Obama worked with Pauline Beck (who he walked a day in the shoes of back in 2007) to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act to include the nearly 2 million homecare workers currently excluded from basic wage standards.

Amending this regulation ensures that home care workers – of which 92% are women and nearly 30% are African American - are protected under the law.  Not only has Obama upheld his promise to ensure that home care work is valued, but he’s ensuring that millions of Americans who need care are not forgotten. 

No one said that change would be easy or that it would happen overnight.  But President Obama is moving our country in the right direction, and we must stand behind our President once more and work with him to build an America that lasts.

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