Are you registered to vote?

Right now, it’s just 46 days until we have the chance to reelect President Obama and send Democrats to office all over this country. But the excitement has already begun: Absentee ballots are now available in North Carolina, Virginia, and elsewhere. (To learn more about voting in your state, go to

Tomorrow, September 22, is another important milestone in this election. By then, states must send absentee ballots to military and overseas voters. By the end of next week, in-person early voting will be underway in several states, including Iowa.

There are many ways to cast your ballot this election. It is our responsibility to exercise those rights that our men and women in uniform and generations of voting-rights activists made sure we can enjoy.

If you’re not registered yet, get registered today. Go to right now, and make sure that you are eligible to have your voice heard this election.

We all have an obligation to honor our past, and help decide our future. Let’s get started today.