"Binders full of women"?!

"Binders full of women"—those four words encapsulate everything Mitt Romney's offering American women in this election. If that phrase makes you shake your head, help us make sure Romney is not setting policy on everything from health care to equal pay for the next four years.

Check out this email from our finance director, Hildy Kuryk, on why Romney just doesn't get it, then chip in $5 or whatever you can to fight back.

Friend --

Last night, Mitt Romney demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt to American women that he is not with us.

He does not share our dreams, or understand our experience. When asked about workplace equality, he only offered a revealing anecdote about "binders full of women."

Compare that to our president's response: "These are not just women's issues. These are family issues, these are economic issues, and one of the things that makes us grow as an economy is when everybody participates and women are getting the same fair deal as men are."

That's the vision and leadership we need for our kids, our mothers, our sisters -- all Americans. But we need to fight for it.

Tonight is the biggest and last FEC fundraising deadline President Obama and Democrats will face in this election. None of us can sit on the sidelines: Please make a donation of $5 or more right now.

Plain and simple, Governor Romney just doesn't get it.

He has done nothing to support women (except for those "binders") and we can expect the same if he becomes president -- and that is deeply offensive to me. I'm sure it's deeply offensive to you, too.

As a young mother, a working woman, and someone who cares about a level playing field, I am ready to do everything I can to defeat the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Tonight's the big deadline, and we're the only ones who can take charge of our future. Donate $5 or more before our very last FEC fundraising deadline of this election at midnight tonight:

Thank you for everything you're doing -- we've got to help Democrats win.


Hildy Kuryk
National Finance Director
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- This only works if we each do our part. Less than three weeks to go. Keep Romney and Ryan out of the White House and stand up against the Republicans.

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