Bringing Jobs and Smart Grid Technology to Rural America


The Obama administration is committed to supporting energy efficiency and economic growth in rural America. This week the Honorable Tom Vilsack of the Department of Agriculture announced that the USDA will fund $900 million in smart grid technologies and improvements to generation and transmission facilities. This initiative will provide loans to rural electric cooperatives, lower energy costs for rural consumers, and create jobs across 14 states.

Vilsack made this statement about the effect these loans would have on rural American communities:

 "By financing electrical system improvements, USDA and the Obama administration help ensure sustainable growth and business job creation. Investments in smart grid technologies will give rural electric utilities and their consumers one more tool to better manage use of electricity, increase reliability, and lower costs."

This weekend’s hurricane calls attention a need for better management of the nation’s electric infrastructure—smart grid technologies can help electric utilities and grid operators better manage the system during extreme weather events.

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