Economy and Job Creation
  • Growing Small Businesses

    Today marks the start of Small Business Week — a time when we celebrate the thousands of small business owners across our country and recommit ourselves to giving them the support they need to grow and create jobs. These men and women not only employ nearly half of all American private sector employees, they are the economic engines that drives our country forward.That’s why from the moment President Obama stepped into the Oval Office, he made small businesses a top priority.

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  • “Time for them to do their damn jobs”

    Our communications director, Brad Woodhouse, fired off this email to supporters today about how Republicans in Congress need to stop playing political games and do their jobs:

    Friend --

    Getting in President Obama's way has been the top priority for Republicans in Congress since day one. But now they've gone too far.

    They've been caught red-handed making up so-called 'scandals' out of thin air to stir up false rumors of vast 'cover-ups' happening in the White House.

    Did they find a single shred of evidence to back up their outrageous claims? No.

    But rather than let the truth stand in their way, Republicans actually doctored emails between administration officials about Benghazi. Then, they released them to the press, trying to pass them off as real in order to create their scandal. Fortunately, they got caught in the act when the White House released all of the actual emails.

    Tell President Obama you've got his back right now, no matter what Republicans come up with next.

    While Republican leaders were focused on stirring up controversy, Michele Bachmann was talking about impeaching President Obama for absolutely no reason, and Republicans in the House voted to repeal Obamacare -- for the 37th time.

    That's how they think they should be spending their time and your money.

    Make sure the President knows that you stand behind him and his agenda right now -- and that you won't let Republican games distract you from advocating for real change that will benefit all Americans.

    Stand with President Obama today -- and send the message to Republicans that it's time to stop playing political games and get back to work for the American people:

    Its time for them to do their damn jobs.



    Brad Woodhouse
    Communications Director
    Democratic National Committee


  • My Mom and the American Dream

    Over 40 years ago, my mom decided to do what so many moms had done before her. She decided to leave her home country so that her children could have a better life with more opportunity, better education, and freedom -- she decided to immigrate to the United States. As we celebrate Mother's Day this year, let's pause to think of immigrant moms like mine who would stop at nothing to give their kids a better life with more opportunity. Let's rededicate ourselves to finding commonsense solutions and support the President's plan to fix our broken immigration system.

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  • Thanks, Ms. Botton

    It's Teacher Appreciation Week. As Democrats, we know that our most important investments are the ones we make in our kids. That's why, for years, we've been on the cutting edge of education reform. From FDR signing the G.I. Bill to President Obama overhauling student loans, Democrats have consistently invested to provide our kids with a first-rate education and the tools necessary to drive our economy forward with more job creation and opportunity. We also recognize that funding and programs alone won't solve all of our problems. Democrats understand that in order to create world-class institutions of learning, we have to reward, retain, and attract world-class teachers — teachers like my favorite teach growing up, Francine Botton. Ms. Botton was my fifth and sixth grade teacher at Magnolia Open Elementary School in Long Beach, New York, and like so many teachers across our country, she inspired me and all of my classmates to study hard and dream big. She was part mom, part educator, helping her students realize that anything was possible for us. She picked us up when we were down and pushed us when she knew we could do better.

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  • Democrats: Committed to working families

    As a working mom, I’ve always been a big fan of “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,” and I couldn’t wait to meet everyone’s families at the DNC headquarters this year! I have twins, Rebecca and Jake, who are about to head into high school and my baby girl, Shelby, is nine years old. With them in mind, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and advocating for policies that will help provide families the opportunity to succeed both at work and at home. This is personal for me.

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  • This just happened

    Republicans in the House of Representatives just passed a budget that will give millionaires and billionaires massive tax cuts—paid for by the middle class. Stand up to the House GOP—and stand with President Obama and Democrats.

    Republicans in the House of Representatives just passed a budget that will give millionaires and billionaires massive tax cuts—paid for by the middle class. Stand up to the House GOP—and stand with President Obama and Democrats.

  • Stand with President Obama and Democrats

    It's clear that 2012 election didn't usher in a less-extreme Republican Party. As the GOP prepares to vote on the Ryan budget, which gives the wealthiest Americans a massive tax cut at the expense of the middle class, it's more important than ever that we stand with President Obama and Democrats to protect our progress and move forward.

    Check out this email our chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, just sent to Democrats nationwide, then add your name to show your support.

    Friend --

    This week, my Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives will vote to give the wealthiest Americans a massive tax cut paid for by seniors, middle-class families, and students.

    This is a wake-up call. Last year's election didn't make the Republicans' policies any less extreme, and it didn't make them any less eager to enact them.

    I'm standing with President Obama and my Democratic colleagues to make good on the progress Americans voted for this past November, and I need you to stand with us.

    We've accomplished a tremendous amount together over the past four years, but it couldn't be more clear that our opponents will roll all of that progress back if we give them a chance. Let's not give them one.

    Let President Obama and other Democrats know that you're with us:



    Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Democratic National Committee

    P.S. -- Knowing who we can count on is important. If you're one of those people, please let us know.

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