Energy Independence
  • Republicans Once Supported Ending Oil Company Tax Breaks

    Despite opposition by the GOP and protest by oil executives, Democrats have continued their call to end government tax breaks for major oil and gas companies, the beneficiaries of windfall profits this year. But it was only a short time ago when Republicans, too, supported ending these unfair tax breaks.

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  • President Obama’s Town Hall Meeting on the Economy

    In a town hall meeting that aired today, President Obama answered questions about his efforts to rebuild our economy and create greater stability at the pump. Check out a few clips from the event, or watch the full town hall meeting by clicking the link at the bottom.

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  • Video: GOP Must Stand Up to Big Oil

    Today in the Senate, Democrats are holding a hearing on eliminating unnecessary tax breaks for oil and gas companies -- and to discuss the need to combat rising energy prices. In the face of staggering oil industry profits, President Obama and congressional Democrats are pressing for an end to these unneeded government subsidies. Republicans, however, are refusing all efforts to roll back Big Oil’s $4 billion taxpayer payday.

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  • President Obama Speaks in Indiana about America’s Energy Future

    Last Friday – just a few hours after the U.S. Labor Department released its April jobs report showing the largest increase in private-sector job growth in five years – President Obama addressed roughly 750 workers at Allison Transmission Headquarters in Indianapolis. The President spoke about the need to combat the escalating cost of gas and used Allison as an example of the type of company that will develop new technologies, reduce our country’s dependence on oil, and create jobs.

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  • Weekly Address: Ending Taxpayer Subsidies for Oil Companies

    At a time when the cost of gas is reaching all time highs and the oil industry is seeing record profits, President Obama renews his call to end the $4 billion-per-year tax breaks for oil and gas companies – and, instead, invest that money to create a more sustainable energy future.

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  • As Oil Company Profits Reach Record Highs, It’s Time to End Government Subsidies

    There’s a trend emerging among oil and gas companies in 2011, and that trend is record profits. As American families struggle to fill their tanks and keep their budgets in the black, they shouldn’t also have to foot the bill for oil and gas companies reaping windfall profits in their own right – that’s why President Obama called on Congress to end those subsidies.

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