• Obama Administration’s Fuel Economy Standards Creates Jobs

    On Tuesday, President Obama announced a historic fuel-efficiency program that will save American families $1.7 trillion in gas prices and reduce consumption by 12 billion barrels by 2025. But this announcement wasn’t just about efficiency and cost savings; it is part of the President’s effort to spur investment in innovation and technology to create jobs.

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  • President Obama Announces New Fuel Economy Standards to Save Businesses Billions

    Earlier today, President Obama announced new fuel efficiency standards that will save businesses roughly $50 billion between 2014 and 2018 by lowering fuel costs for commercial vehicles. Starting three years from now, work trucks, buses, and other medium- and heavy-duty vehicles will be required to meet these new standards for efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Senate Democrats Act to End Tax Breaks for Oil Companies

    With gas prices exceeding $4 per gallon throughout the country, Senate Democrats are fighting to make sure that taxpayers trying to fill their tanks are getting a fairer shake -- instead of also subsidizing the oil companies raking in record profits from the high prices. This week, the Senate is poised to vote on a measure that would eliminate $21 billion in tax breaks over 10 years for major oil and gas companies.

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  • Republicans Once Supported Ending Oil Company Tax Breaks

    Despite opposition by the GOP and protest by oil executives, Democrats have continued their call to end government tax breaks for major oil and gas companies, the beneficiaries of windfall profits this year. But it was only a short time ago when Republicans, too, supported ending these unfair tax breaks.

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  • Video: GOP Must Stand Up to Big Oil

    Today in the Senate, Democrats are holding a hearing on eliminating unnecessary tax breaks for oil and gas companies -- and to discuss the need to combat rising energy prices. In the face of staggering oil industry profits, President Obama and congressional Democrats are pressing for an end to these unneeded government subsidies. Republicans, however, are refusing all efforts to roll back Big Oil’s $4 billion taxpayer payday.

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  • President Obama Speaks in Indiana about America’s Energy Future

    Last Friday – just a few hours after the U.S. Labor Department released its April jobs report showing the largest increase in private-sector job growth in five years – President Obama addressed roughly 750 workers at Allison Transmission Headquarters in Indianapolis. The President spoke about the need to combat the escalating cost of gas and used Allison as an example of the type of company that will develop new technologies, reduce our country’s dependence on oil, and create jobs.

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