• Weekly Address: Ending Taxpayer Subsidies for Oil Companies

    At a time when the cost of gas is reaching all time highs and the oil industry is seeing record profits, President Obama renews his call to end the $4 billion-per-year tax breaks for oil and gas companies – and, instead, invest that money to create a more sustainable energy future.

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  • President Obama in Reno: Invest Now in Tomorrow’s Energy Sources

    Throughout the week, President Obama has traveled the country talking about his plan for America’s future – a plan for prosperity through shared responsibility. In each of his three town hall meetings, the President addressed a different pillar of his vision:investing in education on Tuesday, supporting innovative technology on Wednesday, and creating a clean-energy economy yesterday.

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  • President Obama Celebrates Earth Day

    For more than 40 years, America has celebrated Earth Day. It's a time not only to celebrate the environment, but to renew our commitment to protect and preserve America’s natural habitats and ensure that our air and water are clean.

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  • President Obama Takes on Price Gouging at the Pump

    With gas prices continuing to rise, President Obama is taking a proactive approach to America’s energy needs, which includes making investments in clean and sustainable energy sources to break our country’s addiction to oil. Also part of that effort, the President is working to protect Americans from potential price gouging.

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  • A Closer Look at the Budget Deal

    Late Friday night, President Obama announced that Democrats and Republicans had reached a deal to keep the federal government open for business. Because of this agreement, small businesses can receive the loans they need to hire and expand, families can receive financing for the purchase of a new home, and nearly a million civil servants will be paid on time for their service to our country – including our men and women in uniform. The agreement required compromises, but the result will help to trim wasteful spending while making investments that spur economic growth, a necessary balance for America to win the future.

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  • President Obama Talks Energy At A Town Hall in Pennsylvania

    Yesterday, President Obama held a town hall at a Gamesa plant in Fair Hills, Pennsylvania, to discuss the growing need to build a clean-energy economy. This Gamesa plant is housed in a former steel industrial site and home to a company that designs, manufactures, and installs wind turbines. President Obama chose to highlight this company as both a model of private-sector innovation and a company creating 21st century jobs and helping reduce America’s addiction to oil.

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  • Weekly Address: Gas Prices & Energy Security

    Speaking from a UPS customer center, President Obama announces a new public-private program, the Green Fleet Partnership, and discusses his Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future that will help create jobs and provide America greater energy stability.

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  • Green Fleet Initiative

    The President today laid out a number of measures to help America shift to a clean energy economy, reducing our dependence on oil, protecting our planet, and spurring economic growth through cleaner and more efficient, cars, and trucks.

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