Iowa Caucus
  • Romney 2008 vs. 2012: The numbers

    Last night, Mitt Romney received fewer votes at the Iowa caucus than he did when he came in a distant second to Mike Huckabee in 2008—even after campaigning in the state for five whole years and making a sharp turn to the right to appeal to Tea Party voters. Here are the numbers.

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  • Out-organize the GOP

    DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard just sent out this email to Democrats. Read it, pass it along, and sign up to be a part of 2012 organizing efforts for President Obama and Democrats in all 50 states.

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  • Focus on Iowa

    While Republicans have focused on building their campaigns in Iowa, the New York Times noted that "In spite of all the attention on the Republicans, Mr. Obama is the most organized candidate in the state." Now that the caucus is over, and the Republican candidates have moved on to New Hampshire, the Obama campaign efforts in Iowa continue.

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  • In sum

    A tweet from DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard sums up last night's Iowa caucus result.

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