Jon Huntsman
  • Romney’s frenemies

    Like Santorum, a significant number of Romney's endorsers are former detractors who vociferously called him out on everything from his ''breathtaking scale of dishonesty'' to putting politics before country to ''running away from his record.''
  • What Huntsman really thinks of Romney

    Jon Huntsman has announced that he is ending his candidacy for president. This morning, he'll endorse Mitt Romney—the same Romney who Huntsman once said lacked a core, couldn't be trusted, was a "weathervane," and was making himself "unelectable."

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  • Don’t Take our Word For It...

    This morning, Jon Huntsman was on ABC’s “This Week,” reiterating what we already know about the Republican field of presidential candidates: that they have “zero substance,” are “too far to the right,” and can’t be trusted with the economy.

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  • You Should Know: Five Facts About Jon Huntsman

    Since this is Jon Huntsman's first day as a presidential candidate, there's a lot that voters need to learn about his record. But first, I know what you're thinking: Doesn’t Jon Huntsman work for President Obama? The answer is no, he's working on becoming Mitt Romney.

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