Science and Technology
  • Republican Priorities: Slash and Burn

    On Monday, President Obama released his 2012 budget – a plan that makes smart investments to help create jobs, strengthens core pillars of our country, and responsibly reduces the deficit and shrinks government spending to historic levels. The Republican approach is different. Their bill to fund the government for 2011 would slash spending and undermine national security, stifle economic growth, and cripple government’s ability to function.

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  • What It Means To Invest In Innovation

    In President Obama’s State of the Union address, he promised that the United States would out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world. The budget the President proposed this week takes another step forward in fulfilling that pledge – in part by bolstering innovation.

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  • President Obama in New York: A Focus on Jobs and Innovation

    Speaking at a General Electric plant in Schenectady, New York last Friday, President Obama asserted that “America is still home to the most creative and most innovative businesses in the world.” The President drew on themes expected in tomorrow’s State of the Union address of innovation and enterprise, expanding markets and job creation, as well as policies aimed at driving America’s economy and fueling our nation’s competitiveness.

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  • Ten Democratic Accomplishments You May Not Have Known About

    In the final edition of our week-long wrap up of the 111th Congress, today’s post details 10 Democratic accomplishments during the past two years that you may not have known about. Despite near constant Republican obstruction, Congress passed hundreds of bills and President Obama has issued numerous measures during the past 24 months that improve the lives of millions of people, and move our country forward.

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