South Carolina
  • Photo of the day

    Mitt Romney and the sum total of his South Carolina supporters grace the cover of today's New York Times.

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  • What is Mitt Romney hiding?

    Unsurprisingly, Romney spent this morning dodging even more questions—once again concerning whether he will release his tax returns. The question is, what's Mitt hiding?

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  • Mitt Romney's tax returns

    Romney needs to release his tax returns now—and more than just a year's worth. It's high time Romney played by the same set of rules as every other presidential candidate.

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  • Mitt Romney is the incredible shrinking job creator

    Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and behold Mitt Romney, the incredible shrinking job creator, the man who can shrink the number of jobs he claims to have created from more than 100,000 jobs to simply "thousands"—all without any sort of proof whatsoever. It's magic!

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  • What Huntsman really thinks of Romney

    Jon Huntsman has announced that he is ending his candidacy for president. This morning, he'll endorse Mitt Romney—the same Romney who Huntsman once said lacked a core, couldn't be trusted, was a "weathervane," and was making himself "unelectable."

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