Tim Pawlenty
  • Romney’s frenemies

    Like Santorum, a significant number of Romney's endorsers are former detractors who vociferously called him out on everything from his ''breathtaking scale of dishonesty'' to putting politics before country to ''running away from his record.''
  • What Tim Pawlenty really thinks about Mitt Romney

    Today, Tim Pawlenty will appear at a Mitt Romney campaign event in his home state of Minnesota. We thought we'd mark the occasion by reminding Minnesotans that the relationship between their former governor and Mitt Romney hasn't always been so warm: In fact, Pawlenty slammed Romneycare as the blueprint for the Affordable Care Act, accused Romney of dodging the debt debate, and even said he regretted dropping out of the 2012 presidential campaign after he endorsed Romney. Seems like a half-hearted endorsement at best.

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  • Tim Pawlenty’s Record as Governor: Higher Property Taxes for Everyone

    The Iowa Democratic Party today released a video documenting Tim Pawlenty’s record as governor of Minnesota and his stunning record of higher property taxes across the state. His fiscal policies placed the burden on local government and middle-class families – and if Tim Pawlenty can do that in Minnesota, he can do it anywhere.

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  • Tim Pawlenty Tells the “Hard Truths” …For a Price

    Last week, Tim Pawlenty delivered a speech to a group of health insurance executives. The kicker: He was paid to do it. After endorsing the Ryan Republican plan to voucherize Medicare and give insurance companies a windfall payday, Tim Pawlenty cashed their check.

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  • Tim Pawlenty’s Plan Gives the Wealthy a Tax Windfall – Dwarfs Bush Tax Cuts

    Economists and tax policy experts agree that the Bush tax cuts disproportionally benefited the wealthy – the wealthiest 1 percent received 38 percent of the tax breaks. Now Tim Pawlenty has a new proposal, which would further cut taxes for the wealthy by nearly a third. It takes tax policies that were unfair and lopsided in the first place and makes them worse.

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