Joe Biden
  • The third anniversary of the Recovery Act

    On this day three years ago, with an economy in free fall, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Because of this law, the tide turned, and a second Great Depression was averted. We have now seen 23 consecutive months of job growth, and the private-sector has added nearly 3.7 million jobs.

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  • News roundup: October 20, 2011

    Republicans are alienating Latino voters with their extreme rhetoric on immigration, and the President is stumping for the American Jobs Act, which would help hire unemployed veterans and keep teachers and public-safety officers on the job.

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  • One Year of the Affordable Care Act

    To mark the first anniversary of the Affordable Care Act being signed into law, Vice President Joe Biden looks back at the work that was done to achieve reform and the benefits it has brought, and will bring, for millions of Americans across the country.

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  • Next To You

    Someone you know has been helped by health reform. In the year since the President signed the Affordable Care Act into law, millions of Americans have benefited from the reforms it introduced. Today, Vice President Joe Biden wrote to supporters to share the story of one Minnesota family whose two-year-old son now has a brighter future thanks to health reform.

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  • Boosting College Graduation Rates Across the Country

    Vice President Joe Biden today called on governors to boost college graduation rates in their states. Speaking at the first annual Building a Grad Nation Summit, the Vice President said: "Right now we’ve got an education system that works like a funnel when we need it to work like a pipeline… We have to make the same commitment to getting folks across the graduation stage that we did to getting them into the registrar’s office."

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