Commenting on Last Night’s Debate

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Last night, I had the pleasure of moderating the live chat for our 2012 debate headquarters -- an all-inclusive page that featured live tweeting, fact checks, and chat. Those watching made hundreds of comments, chiming in and offering a lively, spirited, and sometimes funny running commentary on the night’s proceedings. It’s hard to pick favorites, but there were certainly a few that stood out.

Hokeyaddictnus had some strong words for the GOP’s irresponsible budget cuts:

You cannot continue to hammer on the theme of stop spending and produce jobs. Jobs require investment, not continuing budget cuts.

And ProgressiveMuckraker figured that the real winner of the debate might not have even been on stage:

All in all I think President Obama won the debate tonight. Good job Mr. President!

It was animated exchanges like these that made last night so exciting. We assembled the debate page as a means of bringing together a community of individuals to share ideas and discuss the future of our country and to correct Republicans as they misrepresented their records and that of the President. And it was a resounding success.

All told, I think Julie B. captured the mood at the end of the night with her promise:

See you all at the next debate!

I’ll certainly be back—and I hope that you’ll join us next time.