Debbie Wasserman Schultz Talks Tech at Netroots Nation

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Earlier today, Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz spoke at the Netroots Nation annual conference, held this year in Minneapolis. Discussing themes familiar to many attendees, Wasserman Schultz spoke about the power of online organizing and the fundamental role technology plays in effective campaigns.

In a room filled with tech-savvy politicos, she cited specific examples of ways in which Democrats are using online and social media to spread our message and connect with voters:

 But [Democratic volunteers] also have another advantage – we’ve equipped our organizers and activists with tools like an app that enables them to use maps on their smart phones to go door to door in their community, and empowers them to enter data in real time so that we can follow up with undecided or unregistered voters right away. 

 …We are using new technology for online organizing meetings that are almost exactly like actual house meetings: attendees can see each other by video conference, participate in polls to make decisions as a group, and even move into small-group break-out sessions and report back on their conclusions. The effect of this new technology is to provide online supporters with a volunteer experience that feels like the volunteer experience they'd have in an offline field office — an unprecedented and powerful tool to have as we enter a new election cycle.

 She also lampooned Republicans for their ideologically-motivated policies and efforts to oppose Democrats at all costs. Wasserman Schultz highlighted the Republican effort to end the Medicare seniors’ rely on, repeal financial reform and the protections for American families, and roll back voting and women’s rights.

Wrapping up her remarks, the chair made a direct plea to Netroots Nation activists to engage with Democrats in the fights ahead:

We’ve got a lot of work to do and I know all of you have good ideas. Democrats are the party of big ideas and new technology and we want your input.

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