Donna Brazile: An email from me won’t do the trick

DNC Vice Chair Donna Brazile sent the following email to supporters encouraging them to tell John Boehner to end the GOP Shutdown.

Friend --

Let me tell you what Speaker Boehner won't: He could end the shutdown any time he wants.

Right now, today, there are enough votes in the House of Representatives to pass a bill that gets the government up and running without any of this nonsense about repealing Obamacare.

So why are we here? Because House Republicans were determined to pick another fight over Obamacare, and the Speaker won't tell them that their fun is over and that they need to grow up.

So join the Democrats, and tell John Boehner that it's time to end the government shutdown.

Absurd doesn't begin to describe this situation. Hundreds of thousands of government employees are stuck at home and the national parks are closed. The FDA's not checking meat for contamination, the CDC has halted monitoring the flow of infectious diseases, and children aren't getting cancer treatments from the NIH. Soon our veterans won't be getting benefits. And yet, a majority of our lawmakers are ready to vote for a budget resolution that the President will sign.

I know how crazy this is, and so do you. But it looks like Speaker Boehner will need a little help to reach that conclusion. And I don't think an email from me is going to do the trick.

Which is exactly why we need Americans from all across the country to help bring this madness to an end.

Stand with the Democrats today:

Thanks for all you do,

Donna Brazile