#DontWait to Vote Early

Today we’re spreading the word about how easy and important it is to vote early—with some help from friends on Twitter using the #dontwait hashtag.

Actor @Kal_Penn says there’s “no excuse” not to vote early if you can. Singer @SaraBareilles tweeted that “your vote is your voice, no matter what you want to say.” @JohnLegend wrote that he turned in his absentee ballot, @DonnaBrazile said that she just “got her electoral groove on” in Washington, DC, and Senator @jontester reports that early voting has begun in Montana.

If you’ve already voted early, switch your Twitter picture to the ‘I voted early’ sticker to let all your friends and followers know. If you haven’t yet voted, you can still encourage folks to vote early using the #dontwait hashtag. And then make sure to visit to find out if you can vote early in your state, and get the information you need to cast your ballot.

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