Ending the war in Iraq: Perspectives from a veteran

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As a West Point graduate and Army Veteran, I strongly support the actions taken by President Obama to help bring the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan to an end. It is critical that these campaigns are ended in a responsible manner, and President Obama is following through on the promises he made to Americans during his campaign. When President Obama came into office, there were more than 150,000 troops deployed in Iraq. By the end of this year, all of our troops will be home. We are no longer engaged in a combat mission in Iraq. The Iraqi people have shown the capability to secure their own nation and have demonstrated a desire to operate freely and of their own accord. The time has come to bring our forces home.

Additionally, President Obama is absolutely correct in drawing down troops from Afghanistan. The President promised to pursue and capture or kill Osama bin Laden, and he was not only successful in eliminating him, but he has lead the charge to complete decimate and disrupt al Qaeda’s operations in the region. The fact that President Obama was able to promise ending these conflicts on a timetable and in a responsible manner shows incredible leadership in the face of very serious and compelling issues. Even more important is the work President Obama has done to repair our relationships with key allies overseas caused by the decisions of the previous administration.

We are making great strides as a country, economically, to rebound in the face of adversity. The focus now must be on rebuilding our own country. I believe that veterans returning from overseas and transitioning into the civilian workforce will be able to use their perseverance and strong work-ethic to springboard our country to a much brighter economic future. President Obama has been consistent in his actions in supporting our military and our Veterans and has made our country stronger and more secure as the Commander-in-Chief. I wholhearthedly support his efforts to end the war and support our returning warriors.