Fact Check: John Boehner Criticizes President Obama for Job Gains

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This morning at 8:30 a.m. ET, the Labor Department released July’s jobs numbers. As the responsible, thoughtful, and highest-ranking GOP leader, one might hope that Speaker Boehner could have reviewed the data, huddled with his economic advisors, and composed an appropriate response befitting the nuance and depth of the report.

Instead, he released a press statement, even before considering that the economy added a better than expected 154,000 private-sector jobs, loaded with the same shallow rhetoric and false claims as usual.

It’s a response that couldn’t have been more partisan, and Americans deserve better. So, let’s set the record straight:

Speaker Boehner claim:
Today’s unemployment report is more proof that all of the Washington spending, taxing, and regulating is devastating our economy.

The Facts:
Government spending under President Obama has decreased as a share of GDP from 25 percent to 23.6 percent (2012 estimate)—under President Bush (with John Boehner’s support), spending increased from 18.2 percent of GDP to 25 percent. 

President Obama reduced the overall tax rate to historically low levels, and cut taxes for 95 percent of working families through the Recovery Act and 159 million workers through the payroll tax cut included in the December tax agreement.

Also, the President has spearheaded an unprecedented administration-wide effort to streamline unnecessary regulations to eliminate barriers to job creation.

Speaker Boehner claim:
[The] Democrats running Washington are determined to punish small businesses with higher taxes and more red tape – including hundreds of new regulations last month alone – and to keep their spending binge going at all costs.

The Facts:
President Obama has cut taxes for small business at least 17 times, launched the National Export Initiative to expand markets, created Startup America to connect small businesses with resources and knowledge, and the SBA has issued loans to more than 113,000 loans to small businesses. Hardly impediments for small businesses to grow.

Speaker Boehner claim:
Instead of more jobs, they’re creating more fear, more uncertainty, and more debt.

The Facts:
The Labor Department today announced the private sector added 154,000 new jobs during the month of July—totaling more than 2.4 million jobs created over the past 17 consecutive months. The pace of recovery isn’t fast enough, but 2.4 million families are now better able to make ends meet.

Additionally, it's absolutely unbelievable that Speaker Boehner still has the gall to claim that Democrats are creating uncertainty. Over the past nine months, Republicans have threatened a tax hike on American families (fighting for the wealthiest Americans), a government shutdown, and the first-ever government default.

The GOP has institutionalized brinksmanship as their standard operating procedure. Time and again, their intransigence and reckless tactics have created widespread economic uncertainty. To claim otherwise is simply disingenuous.

While President Obama and Congressional Democrats continue to govern responsibly, fighting every day to create jobs and strengthen the working and middle-class families, the GOP is blinded by ideology and focused on tax breaks for millionaires and loopholes for oil companies.