Fact Check: Mitt Romney Again Distorts and Dismisses the Growth of the Manufacturing Industry

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As President Obama traveled to Pittsburgh to highlight the progress of American manufacturers, Mitt Romney and his campaign are turning to distortions and mistruths to attack the President's record of job creation -- and ignoring Romney's history of neglecting the facts and scoffing at the potential of manufacturing to help drive America’s economy.

As a candidate for president, Romney’s dismissal of the manufacturing industry speaks volumes about his lack of confidence in the American workforce.

Here’s what Romney thinks about the manufacturing industry:

Romney “Appeared To Scoff… At The Notion Of Manufacturing As A Job Engine For The Future.” “Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and the Republican frontrunner, opposed the federal bailout of the auto industry and appeared to scoff this month, first in Detroit, then in Florida, at the notion of manufacturing as a job engine for the future.” [Wall Street Journal, 6/24/11]

Despite Growth In The Manufacturing Industry, Romney’s Campaign Vowed To Emphasize The “Administration’s Failure To Create Manufacturing Jobs.” [Wall Street Journal, 6/24/11]
Unfortunately for Mr. Romney, the reality on the ground is a far cry from what his presidential campaign would have people believe:

WSJ: Manufacturers Say “Romney Is Wrong… That There Are Opportunities In Manufacturing Out There And That In Fact There Are A Lot Of Jobs That Just Go Unfilled For Months And Months Because There Aren’t The Trained, Skilled Technicians To Take Them.” [News Hub, Wall Street Journal, 6/24/11]

WSJ Noted That The Lack Of Job Training For Manufacturing Jobs Allowed For Openings In The Industry To Go Unfilled Which Was The Reason For President Obama’s Push For STEM Training. [News Hub, Wall Street Journal, 6/24/11]

Because of President Obama’s efforts, American manufacturing has once again risen to global prominence:

President Obama Launched The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, A National Effort To Invest In Technologies That Will Create High Quality Manufacturing Jobs And Enhance Global Competitiveness. [White House Press Release, 6/24/2011]

WSJ: “The Manufacturing Sector Has Been Something Of A Bright Spot” After Decades Of Decline, With Jobs Up 1.4% Since Last Year And Industrial Production On The Rise. [WSJ, 6/24/11]

Manufacturing Industry Added 238,000 Jobs From December 2009 Through May 2011. [U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics,6/3/11]

U.S. Manufacturing Production Index Has Grown 13 Percent Since The End Of The Recession.[WSJ, 6/24/2011]

Manufacturing Sector Has Expanded For The 22nd Consecutive Month. “Despite the slowdown, economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in May for the 22nd consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 24th consecutive month.” [, 6/1/2011]

During Mitt Romney’s tenure as governor, the Massachusetts manufacturing industry was devastated and declined by more than twice the national average. He even slashed funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a federal program that helps small firms train workers and improve operations:

Romneys Budget Cuts To Manufacturing Partnership Hampered Effort To Save Thousands Of Jobs. [Boston Globe, 11/23/06]

  • 2006: Romney Vetoed More Than $700,000 In Funding For The Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Which Was Then Overridden By The Legislature. [Westboro News, 12/14/06]
  • 2006: Romney Vetoed Roughly $557,000 For The Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership From A Stimulus Bill.[Boston Business Journal, 6/3/06]
  • 2005: Romney Vetoed $850,000 For The Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Which Was Overridden By The Legislature.[Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/15/05]