"Firing people and making light of it is wrong"

From the second floor of an Italian restaurant in downtown Manchester—the Democratic Party's war room in New Hampshire for the week—DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse and laid-off worker Randy Johnson responded to Romney's latest incredibly out-of-touch comments.

Here's a quick recap: Yesterday, Mitt Romney told a New Hampshire crowd that he knows what it feels like to fear a pink slip, though he and the campaign have been unable to cite any specific examples of when that might be the case. That's because when Romney took the job at Bain Capital, he negotiated himself a pretty sweet deal with zero risk to himself. As Woodhouse put it: "The only reason Mitt Romney knows what a pink slip is is that he's handed out so many."

But then this morning, the man who claimed he knew the fear of getting laid off told supporters at a campaign event that he "like[s] being able to fire people." Johnson, who was actually laid off when Bain Capital took over his office-supply plant in Indiana, spoke from the heart: "It brought back memories," he said, of hearing Romney joke about firing. "That is exactly what they told me: You're fired. Firing people and making light of it is wrong. I'm really going to call him out on it."

You can help us call him out. Check out this video—and pass it along to your friends and family. Don't let Mitt Romney get away with being so callous about people's livelihoods.