Fresh Thinking

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In a matter of days, members of the Democratic National Committee will meet to consider President Obama's nominee to chair the Democratic Party -- Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

It's an important decision. All of us who care about the future of this country have big challenges to confront in the months ahead. We must re-elect the President, win new majorities in Congress, and fight for change that matters in policy fight after policy fight.

These tests will require new energy and fresh ideas -- and when the new Democratic chair begins, I want to make sure she has access to both in abundance.

That's why I'm turning to you for some original thinking. We want to know what ideas you have for our work in the months ahead.

Take a minute to share your thoughts with our next chair.

I believe we've begun a new era in our politics.

Those who win elections in the future won't just be the candidates who raise the most money or buy the most advertising on TV -- though those things never hurt.

Instead, the political winners of the future will be the innovators. The people who discover ways to bring new voices into the conversation, tap new technologies to reach more voters, and expand their base of support among the American people.

And if we're truly committed to finding new ways of doing things, we know we must look outside Washington.

When the new chair of our Party walks into this office on her first day, I don't want her to hear the same old ideas. I want to present her with the best thinking we can find from a bunch of smart people, particularly those like you outside this building -- initiatives that we can all work on together.

Will you take a minute to offer your suggestions?