Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

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This holiday season we want to take a moment to thank the supporters who stand with Democrats year round. In fact, that's something I'm particularly mindful of this week.

Because in preparing for the 2014 cycle, we decided to reach out to a few supporters to learn more about why they're standing with us. And in a nice change of pace from my usual work routine, I was the one who got to hop on the phone with a few Democrats from across the country and hear their stories.

The first person I had a chance to speak with was Bill -- a bus driver from the Minneapolis suburbs who couldn't say enough good things about the Affordable Care Act. Bill is one of the thousands of Americans who discovered that he will save hundreds of dollars by enrolling through an Obamacare health care exchange. He's also one of the millions of Americans with a pre-existing condition who — thanks to health care reform — can no longer be denied coverage. Here's how he put it: "Obamacare is the best thing going right now. As a person with a pre-existing condition, shutting down the government to the tune of $24 billion was offensive to people like me."

We also spoke with Vanessa, a teacher in Los Angeles who works hard every day to prepare her students for college and whatever careers they choose. Vanessa is also a first generation American. Her parents came to the United States from Mexico. She, like so many other Americans, believes in the importance of giving everyone a fair shot if they are willing to work for it. As she explained to me on the phone, Vanessa is a Democrat because she thinks it's our responsibility to make the world a better place. Here's how she put it: "Democrats should keep fighting for change because it doesn't happen overnight. The struggle is worth it."

My last call with a supporter named Judy was just as enjoyable. Judy is a mental health professional in Massachusetts who saw first-hand the devastating impacts of a broken health care system. She is a big fan of the Affordable Care Act because it will help many of the families she treats finally get the coverage they need to be healthy. Judy also thinks we need to raise the federal minimum wage to give low-income people a better chance at taking care of themselves and their families. She wants Democrats to be bold with their policies and to make sure everyone has access to the facts — despite Republican efforts to distort and confuse the public about President Obama's agenda.

As Democrats, we'll continue working for people like Bill, Vanessa, and Judy. We'll fight to create good paying jobs, provide access to quality, affordable health care, make education more accessible, and raise the minimum wage to strengthen the middle class. And we'll ultimately win those fights because we have people like Bill, Vanessa, and Judy in our corner. They help us make the change we all want to see.