Greg Hinton: Our new chief diversity officer

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Greg Hinton, the Democratic Party's new chief diversity officer, stopped by for a conversation about the importance of inclusion and why he’s the one for the job.

Hinton comes from a corporate background, with 23 years at companies such as U.S. Cellular, Abbott Laboratories, and Pepsi-Cola. He's also worked in the health care and nonprofit sectors. As a diversity specialist, Hinton has developed programs that promote diversity in both hiring and the selection of vendors. When asked what made him want to get involved in politics, Mr. Hinton described a personal affinity for and curiosity about the political process.

In his new role, Hinton says he will work to facilitate an environment where people know they count, where there is no revolving door, and where listening is a priority. After all, Hinton strongly believes that the Democratic Party must be a leader in diversity.

Hinton says the party already has a good definition of diversity in place. But he says it must be more diverse in its selection of employees and those we do business with. As CDO, Hinton will examine candidate flow, selections, offers, and barriers for certain people and groups. Hinton also stressed the need for a vendor process that is easily navigated and a vendor mix that meets our diversity goal, noting that “the most diverse businesses are local merchants, and we must redirect contracts to support these people.”

Hinton believes his new position directly supports the President by engaging important constituency groups and promoting the greater transparency that Democratic leadership has promised. Constituency outreach is a field in which he feels the President has been successful—and with his leadership, we can continue to expand upon these successes.

The bottom line? Says Hinton: “Diversity is a win-win when everyone gets it.”