Hashtags and High Energy in the Silver State

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For Democratic activists, there's no such thing as an off year election. That's a fact that I remembered quickly when I was asked to join Nevada Democrats for their inaugural trainings in Las Vegas and Reno. And wow, was everyone fired up!

More than 100 volunteers — ranging from College Students to Veterans to Senior Citizens and Small Business Owners — came out to participate in the trainings. We learned everything from how to input voter data, to the best ways to build an effective grassroots campaign, and my personal favorite (okay, maybe I'm biased since I gave the training): how to become a digital activist.

I was blown away by everyone's interest, attentiveness, and eagerness to learn. Some activists didn't know what a hashtag was, while others were experts—but at the end of the day, we were all united under one common goal: learning the best strategies, tactics and practices so we can use our resources effectively and elect more Democrats!

Here's what a few people had to say at the conference.

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