Hope and Change

A few weeks ago, we invited 40 young adults from underrepresented communities to D.C. for a crash course in political organizing. And wow were we blown away! They were talented, passionate and ready to change the world. But don't take our word for it. Watch the video below and then read one of the participants' thoughts to learn more about the Hope Institute. 

Thoughts from Sarita — Plano, Texas

What's my take away? I have 39 new fellows to call my friends, numerous panelists and DNC staff to call on for support and direction. I have a whole new level of confidence and a stronger sense of responsibility.  As an educator, I am inspired to share this knowledge and experience with my students. As a mother, I have the joy of sharing this experience with my son and watching his admiration and pride for me cross his face. As a leader in my community, I hope to show others that you do not have to be a statistic. But most importantly, I have the advice of many echoing in my ears:

“Do what you love because then you will be good at it, say yes, take risks, love the grind, you have an opportunity to change the world, you have a responsibility to leave this world better than you found it, and despite simple beginnings, anything is possible with a little hard work."