How the American Jobs Act will help low-income families

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The American Jobs Act is designed to help American workers get back on their feet—including low-income families. Here are a few ways the President's plan will support those hit hardest by the recession.

  • The President has proposed an extension of unemployment insurance that will prevent 6.1 million Americans from losing their benefits.
  • The President has also proposed a new fund that will support a jobs program that aims to secure jobs and career training for low-income youth and adults—a program that has already supported more than 260,000 jobs through the Recovery Act.
  • The American Jobs Act will allocate capital for the purpose of rebuilding and revitalizing areas hit hardest by the recession. This effort will include a school modernization initiative, focusing on districts with the highest number of children living in poverty.

These are just a few examples of how the American Jobs Act will support low-income families. For more information, check out, where you can download and share fact sheets.