Howard Dean: "We need your help. Here's why."

Former Democratic Party chair Howard Dean knows that Tuesday night's FEC fundraising deadline is a big one. Check out this email he sent to Democrats across the country, and chip in a few dollars to help us win.

Friend --

Our next big fundraising deadline is on Tuesday -- and we need your help.

As former chair of the Democratic Party, I know that after each of these FEC deadlines, hard decisions have to be made about where resources go -- whether we can afford to hire more organizers to register voters in Florida, or if we raised enough to pay for that big TV ad in Ohio to fight back against distortions and misinformation from the other side.

We need your help to make sure our Democratic candidates across the country have the resources they need to win on Election Day. Donate right now.

We've got a tough road ahead of us. Mitt Romney and the Republicans have outraised us two months in a row -- and after this critical fundraising deadline, they're going to be making decisions about where to send their funds, too.

That's why it's so important we make sure that Democrats at all levels have the resources they need to fight back and talk about what we stand for. Nobody likes the money race -- but we can't let a small group of powerful interests buy this election.

That's why we need your help -- one donation at a time, we're fighting back.

Donate $3 or whatever you can right now before our critical fundraising deadline:



Gov. Howard Dean