Last week, we inaugurated a president. It's easy to see an inauguration as the culmination of a long-fought campaign, but as our chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, reminded supporters in an email today, we still have a lot to do. From tackling climate to working for LGBT equality, the next four years will be busy.

Read the chair's email below, then chip in what you can to make sure it's a productive term.

Friend --

Watching President Obama take the oath of office last Monday was an incredible reward for all of the time and energy that you and millions of other Democrats put in throughout the election. And when I looked out at the sea of supporters who braved the cold to watch the President's inauguration, I was reminded that in you we have the support we need to make incredible change over the next four years.

Since I became Chair of the Democratic Party two years ago, my motto has been "no one will outwork us." And although we're still celebrating our incredible victories in 2012, it's time for us to get back to work.

President Obama has outlined an ambitious plan for his second term, including tackling climate change, working for full equality for LGBT Americans, and making sure that all Americans, no matter where they come from or who their parents are, have an equal shot. And it's up to us to fight for Democrats and make sure that that agenda becomes law.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democratic National Committee

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