Iowa: Vote early, and be the first

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Early voting in Iowa starts today. Iowans were the first to stand with President Obama in 2008, and now, you can be the first again—by voting early and encouraging at least one more person to join you.

There are many reasons to vote early. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it helps set the tone for the race.

If you live in Iowa, you can find out where to vote early by looking up your early voting polling place here.

Whether or not you were among the 36 percent of Iowans who voted early in 2008, we need you to vote early this election. And, when you vote early, please ask a friend or family member to vote with you.

And remember, even though early voting starts in Iowa today, you can still register to vote. If you live in Iowa, registering in person is easy: Just go to to find out how.

For information on voting and registering to vote in other states, visit