Mad as hell

In response to the NRA's continued attempts to influence Republicans, our communications director, Brad Woodhouse, fired off this email to supporters.

Friend --

New polls show that the approval ratings for Republicans who blocked a vote on background checks for gun sales have taken a huge dive.

And now, after spending millions of dollars to get Republicans to vote against background checks, the NRA is bankrolling radio ads to help boost their dwindling poll numbers.

The NRA's lobbyists think if they throw enough money around, they can get Republicans to vote however they want them to and protect them afterward -- it makes me mad as hell.

But they're forgetting that we've got 90 percent of Americans on our side -- and we're not backing down.

Show Congress that 90 percent of Americans matter more than the gun lobby: Help us collect 200,000 signatures in support of common-sense gun safety measures like background checks.

The NRA may have deep-pocketed donors, but -- as history has shown -- nothing can stand in the way of the American people calling for change.

We're close to our goal of 200,000 signatures demanding change to our gun laws.

Help us reach our goal. Add your name to the petition now:

Your voice can make a difference.



Brad Woodhouse

Communications Director

Democratic National Committee

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