Meet Romney's latest right-wing endorser, John Kasich

Mitt Romney has added another Tea Party governor to his list of endorsements, and this time, it's Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Kasich gained national notoriety last year when he led the charge to strip Ohio workers of their collective bargaining rights—an anti-union effort to which Romney gladly lent his support. Issue 2 wasn't as popular with Ohio voters, however, as it was with Romney, and they overwhelmingly rejected their governor's plan.

The extremism doesn't end there: Romney and Kasich share the same agenda to weaken the middle class in order to help the wealthiest few. Take education. Romney's campaigning on gutting the Department of Education, and Kasich slashed funds to Ohio's local school districts—all to fund major tax cuts for millionaires. The middle class can, however, look forward to a whopping $167 tax cut from President Romney ("$167 isn't zero," he says).

It's no wonder Kasich held the distinction of being the most unpopular governor in America. His pal Mitt can commiserate: Polls show he's the most unpopular candidate in decades.

Watch and share our new video on what Ohio voters already know: Romney and Kasich's mutual agenda is bad for the middle class.