Michelle Obama at the WLF: "Are you in?"

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First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage at today's Women's Leadership Forum to talk about what we've accomplished together—electing Barack Obama president and bringing about some of the most historic change in generations—and what we must do to continue that progress.

She told the crowded ballroom:

We're here because of all of you—and I'm not just talking about winning an election. I'm talking about what we've been doing every day in the White House to keep on fighting for the folks we met and the values we share. I'm taking about what Barack has done to help all of us win the future. It's easy to forget what we've done along the way.

The First Lady listed the accomplishments, one after another – change fought for and achieved by President Obama, congressional Democrats, and supporters on the ground—including the Affordable Care Act, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and investments in our future like clean energy and education. 

She told the audience:

It's fair to say that we've seen some change, and we should be proud of what we accomplished, but we should not be satisfied. All those folks we campaigned for and won for—those folks still need our help. And that, more than anything else, is what drives my husband as President.

Recognizing that the President can't do it alone, the First Lady asked for help making sure we continue to bring real change that affects the American people:

He needs you to be in this with him for the long haul. He needs you to hold fast to our vision and our values and to our dreams for our kids and country. He needs you to work like you have never worked before, because that's what I plan on doing—and I will not be doing it just as a wife or as First Lady. I will be doing it as a mother who wants to leave a legacy for my children. I'll be doing it as a citizen who knows what we can do together to change this country.

Adding with a smile:

I have one question for you: Are you in? Because I'm in.

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