Michelle Obama: “See you on the campaign trail”

Today First Lady Michelle Obama joined supporters for a special Vote 2010 conference call, where she asked them for their energy and commitment during the next 27 days before November 2nd.

The First Lady thanked everyone for their work these past few years, and said that their spirit is what keeps the President going each day. “You are his compass, you're his guiding light—your dreams are what he ran to fulfill,” she said.

From the campaign’s early days to the last two years in the White House, volunteers have been at the President’s side as he’s made progress for a country facing many challenges. But the First Lady asked supporters to dig deep during the next 27 days to help elect Democrats who will help President Obama continue that push forward.

“From health care reform to Wall Street reform, you made the change we fought for a reality. You carried petitions, you wrote letters, visited Congressman, you visited town halls---the President needs you once again. The President needs allies like all of you--who will stand with him in Washington as he stands for the nation.

“These next 27 days we're all going to need to dig deep, and do whatever it takes to support Democrats who will work to keep our country moving forward—knocking on doors, making phone calls, make sure you're plugged in with Organizing for America. We're going to need you all to work harder than ever. Thank you for being there for us, thank you for being there for this country, we've got 27 days of hard work. I'm going to be out there, I'll be joining you, I want you guys to be fired up and ready to go.”

The First Lady took a few questions, one from a supporter who asked how we’ll make sure people are excited and committed to voting this year:

“Don't stay home, don't let frustration keep you from voting--it takes every single one of us, it isn't about Barack or one single party—it's about all of us making a difference, and voting not just in a presidential election is a part of that. We can point to the successes and forward movement we've made in a very short period of time, which will help people realize we've got to keep momentum going, and to do that we need people voting in the midterm elections. I hope to see you out there on the campaign trail.”

With 27 days to go, there’s not a moment to lose. Sign up to volunteer today, and help the President and First Lady continue making the progress our country needs.