Michelle Obama: “Thank you, so much”

Michelle Obama sent an email reflecting on President Obama's victory one year ago today and urged supporters to stand with Democrats in the year ahead. Here's what she had to say:

Friend --

One year ago, all of our hard work and sacrifice paid off, and we made sure Barack got a second term as president to finish the work all of us started together.

I didn't just support him because he's my husband -- I supported him because I believe in his vision to lead this country forward and create a better future for our two girls.

Everyone who stood with Barack had their own reasons for doing so, whether it was to rebuild an economy that works for the middle class, to follow through on the promise of affordable health care, or to improve access to higher education. We all had something that drove us, and we came together to get the job done.

But just as none of us could elect Barack on our own, he can't finish the job by himself. He needs leaders in Congress and in state capitals around the nation to help him continue moving our country forward.

So today, a year after Barack was elected to his second term, I'm renewing my commitment to support a group of leaders who share Barack's values. I hope you will join me in putting your support behind Democrats in the year to come:

Thank you for your faith in us, last year and in the years ahead,


P.S. -- I'm still fired up, and I'm still ready to go. Are you?