Mitt "Say Anything" Romney doesn't tell Florida seniors that he would gut Medicare

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Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected.

Last night, he told a crowd in The Villages, Florida, that "we will never go after Medicare or Social Security; we will protect those programs." Well, that’s what Mitt Romney says in Florida before a crowd of seniors. But it’s simply not true.

What Romney did not say to seniors in Florida who he was so shamelessly pandering to is that he supports the extreme Tea Party economic agenda that would gut Social Security and Medicare. He also supports the Paul Ryan budget plan that would end Medicare as we know it and increase costs to seniors.

When Mitt Romney is trying to get the support of the Tea Party crowd and congressional Republicans, he expresses support for policies that would gut Social Security and Medicare, but in front of seniors in Florida he says he won’t touch Social Security or Medicare.

Mitt Romney might say anything to get elected, but this dog won’t hunt.