New Site Makes Finding Care Easier

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One of the most challenging parts of finding the best health care plan can be wading through the fine print, the difficult language, and the many sources of information out there.

Last week the White House launched, an innovative new one-stop site where you can find personalized information about health plan options based on your state, age, and health status. For example, whether you’re a self-employed small business owner in Nevada or a pregnant 26-year-old in Michigan, you’ll see a clear set of choices customized for you.

As White House Health Reform Director Nancy Ann DeParle pointed out in an email today, “While technology has made it easier to search for plane tickets or to find the right apartment, shopping for private health insurance plans has remained difficult for too long. takes some of the mystery out of shopping for health insurance.”

And not only does help you find the best plan: it also lets you compare hospitals, see a timeline of when health reform benefits kick in, and help improve the site by adding your feedback.

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