New Online Resource: the Real Cost of Photo ID

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In states across America, Republican governors and legislators are pushing photo ID laws that suppress and disenfranchise voters. In addition to being unfair and unnecessary, these laws would cost taxpayers hundreds of millions. The DNC Voting Rights Institute studied the legislation in all 36 states – they concluded the total cost of implementing these laws would be at least $276 million, and possibly as much as $828 million, in the first four years.

At a time when states are experiencing huge budget shortfalls, it would be an enormous waste to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to disenfranchise voters.

Through a new online resource, you can learn more about the findings of the DNC Voting Rights Institute and download the report. Also on the page, you can view a map that shows the cost in each of the 36 states considering photo ID measures.

Click here to learn the real cost of photo ID laws.