New Poll: Strong Support for President Obama Among Jewish Americans

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A new poll released today confirms what Democratic leaders have been saying for months: President Obama maintains strong support from the Jewish community.

According to Gallup, 60 percent of Jewish Americans approve of the way that President Obama is handling job – a polling number that has been consistent throughout the year.

The Washington Post continues:

In another key number, Gallup notes that among Jewish Democrats, the group Republicans have specifically said were beginning to part ways with Obama, support has remained rock solid, with “86% approving of Obama prior to the speech and 85% after.” While Gallup notes that it’s difficult to gauge the immediate impact of the speech because their tracking poll doesn’t have a large enough sample size of Jewish voters, it nevertheless concludes that “aggregated Gallup Daily tracking interviews for the month and half periods prior to and following the speech show no significant nor sustained shift in Jewish Americans’ views toward Obama.”

In the wake of the President’s speech on North Africa and the Middle East, some Republicans have pushed the narrative that the President’s support among the Jewish community has eroded – this poll helps to show those claims are baseless.

It’s clear that the majority of American Jews understand the President’s commitment both to Israel and to the issues most important to the community.

Click here to read the full Gallup poll.

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