New York Times: Keeping College Students From the Polls

The New York Times has a strong editorial about one of the Republican Party's main targets ahead of the 2012 elections: the voting rights of students.

"Next fall, thousands of students on college campuses will attempt to register to vote and be turned away. Sorry, they will hear, you have an out-of-state driver's license. Sorry, your college ID is not valid here. Sorry, we found out that you paid out-of-state tuition, so even though you do have a state driver's license, you still can't vote.

"Political leaders should be encouraging young adults to participate in civic life, but many Republican state lawmakers are doing everything they can instead to prevent students from voting in the 2012 presidential election. Some have openly acknowledged doing so because students tend to be liberal. …

"Imposing these restrictions to win an election will embitter a generation of students in its first encounter with the machinery of democracy."

Unfortunately, it's all part of a larger nationwide trend—and it's not limited to students. Republicans are hard at work trying to pass legislation that restricts voting rights for those groups who skew Democratic and who were more likely to vote for President Obama in 2008: blacks, Hispanics, low-income and young Americans.

Read the full editorial here, and get more information about the Republican war on voting at our voter protection website.