News roundup: September 30, 2011

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Speaking in Alexandria, Virginia, Vice President Biden discussed an aspect of the American Jobs Act that will keep police officers and other first-responders on the streets across the country. The jobs bill will provide $4 billion in COPS grants to support the hiring, re-hiring, and retention of officers in departments nationwide.

After Republicans in Ohio passed a law restricting voting rights, Democrats worked hard to repeal the bill. Needing 231,000 valid signatures to prevent the law from taking effect, a Democratic coalition delivered 318,460 signatures to the secretary of state yesterday.

Helping the coalition in Ohio was a group of Obama campaign volunteers who proved the power of motivated organizers. Obama supporters know that fairness at the voting booth is important for our country and earned a victory for democracy in Ohio this week.

Our newest Spanish-language ad is making big news across the country. CNN ran a story about the advertisement and its message on how the American Jobs Act will help Hispanics.

Check out this week's West Wing Week and follow the President as he participated in the LinkedIn Town Hall, promoted the American Jobs Act at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner, gave his annual back-to-school address, and spoke on education reform.